Advancing Machine Learning at Capital One with Dave Castillo

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About this Episode

Today we're joined by Dave Castillo, Managing Vice President for ML at Capital One and head of their Center for Machine Learning.

We caught up with David at re:Invent to discuss the aforementioned Center for Machine Learning, and what has changed since our last discussing with Capital One, which you can find here. In our conversation, we explore Capital One's transition from "lab-based" machine learning to enterprise-wide adoption and support of ML and some surprising ML use cases like granting employee access privileges via an automated system. We also discuss three major initiatives the CFML is focused on to advance ML within Capital One, including managing university research partnerships, internal ML advocacy, and internal collaboration across the entire company. Finally, we discuss their current platform ecosystem, their design vision in building this into a larger, all-encompassing platform, pain points in building this platform, and much more.

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Capital One's AI and machine learning capabilities are central to how it builds products and services — and they're now at the forefront of what’s possible in banking. Whether helping consumers shop more safely online, giving customers new insights into their finances via award-winning mobile apps, or advancing research into cutting-edge applications of machine learning, Capital One is using technology to make banking better.
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