2020: A Critical Inflection Point for Responsible AI with Rumman Chowdhury

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About this Episode

Today we're joined by Rumman Chowdhury, Managing Director and Global Lead of Responsible Artificial Intelligence at Accenture. In our conversation with Rumman, we explored questions like:
  • Why is now such a critical inflection point in the application of responsible AI?
  • How should engineers and practitioners think about AI ethics and responsible AI?
  • Why is AI ethics inherently personal and how can you define your own personal approach?
  • Is the implementation of AI governance necessarily authoritarian?
  • How do we balance idealism and pragmatism in the application of AI ethics?
We also cover practical topics like how and where you should implement responsible AI in your organization, and building the teams and processes capable of taking on critical ethics and governance questions. This was a very fun interview, and for those interested in catching the video, visit our YouTube channel!
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