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EPISODE 574  |  
May 19, 2022
Today we kick things off with a conversation with D. Sculley, a director on the Google Brain team. Many listeners of today’s show will know D. from his work on the paper, The Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems, and of course, the infamous diagram (linked below). D. has recently translated the idea of technical debt into data debt, something we spend a bit of time on in the interview. We discuss his view of the concept of DCAI, where debt fits into the conversation of data quality, and what a shift towards data-centrism looks like in a world of increasingly larger models i.e. GPT-3 and the recent PALM models. We also explore common sources of data debt, what are things that the community can and have done to mitigate these issues, the usefulness of causal inference graphs in this work, and much more! If you enjoyed this interview or want to hear more on this topic, check back on the DCAI series page at
EPISODE 573  |  
May 16, 2022
EPISODE 571  |  
May 9, 2022
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