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150 150 The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

Hey everybody! We’ve got some great news to share and also favor to ask! We’re in the running for this year’s People’s Choice podcast awards, in both the People’s Choice and Technology categories and we’d really appreciate your support!

Below you’ll see a registration form to get you started. This is to create your listener nomination account. You can also access the form directly via the Podcast Awards site.

  • Fill out the form and it will take you to the ballot.
  • Once you get there, find & select This Week in Machine Learning & AI on the nomination list for both the “The Adam Curry People’s Choice Award” and the “This Week in Tech Technology Category.”
  • Save your ballot!

We really really appreciate each listener and would love to share in this accomplishment with you, and this is a listener based process so we can’t do it without you! Thanks in advance!

  • Matt Phillips

    Of all the ML podcasts, TWIMLAI is unquestionably the best. One thing though, I’ve noticed a mild trend lately more towards the business side. Please don’t let up on the highly technical topics! The podcast with Zenna Tavares, for example, was close to ideal (for me) and I’ve been keeping his ideas in mind ever since.

  • andrew lubsey

    TWIMLAI stands out among other podcasts on the topic of machine learning.. because Sam draws expert guests from all facets of the Machine Learning & Ai field. The structure and flow of the cast is really top notch. He asks the questions you as a listener want to know. I’ve derived so much benefit from listening to the podcast.

  • Jeff D

    Good luck Sam, you deserve it! I am always amazed and impressed with the excellent questions you ask during very technical discussions. Great podcast. I really enjoyed 162 with Nathan Kutz! You had me hooked at 42. I am trying to keep up while also going backward in the catalog.

  • Subramonia Prasad

    I never miss a show!
    From being disappointed of commuting more than an hour to work, I now looking forward to driving, so I have MY time to carefully listen to THIS podcast and get GREAT insights

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