Photo: Vidyasagar Rao

Vidyasagar Rao

Staff Product Manager, AI Ecosystem Partnerships
Qualcomm Technologies
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Vidyasagar Rao is a part of PSE (Platform Solutions Ecosystem) Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies and leads AI/ML Ecosystem Partnerships. His primary focus is to expand the AI ecosystem and enable new/differentiated/optimized AI-based experiences across technology areas, such as Imaging, NLP, Video & Audio on mobile phones, compute platforms and other edge devices based on Qualcomm chipsets, while maximizing the leverage of Qualcomm's on-chip AI acceleration infrastructure.

He enjoys working closely with Qualcomm's ISV & OTT partners to ship these delightful features to billions of users/devices worldwide.

Ask me about: AI-based mobile use cases, UX, Optimized Inference, Features/Constraints, HW Accelerators, Frameworks, Neural network trends in mobile, SDKs, Qualcomm SoCs, Performance/Power/Cost tradeoffs, Always ON/low-power, Quantization

Conference Sessions

TWIMLcon  2021
Smartphones have seen explosive growth in AI/Machine Learning usage in the past 2-3 years. In this session, we will take you through the latest trends, opportunities, challenges, and tradeoffs associated with leveraging on-device AI acceleration to enable cutting-edge AI use cases on smartphones & other consumer devices.