Harnessing On-Device AI to Transform the Smartphone Experience


Smartphones have seen an explosive growth in AI/Machine Learning usage in the past 2-3 years, Qualcomm is bringing new experiences to consumers and improving user experience for existing use cases – from ‘DSLR-quality’ camera to ‘low-power/always-on’’ contextual awareness. In this session, we will take you through the latest trends, opportunities, challenges and tradeoffs associated with leveraging on-device AI acceleration to enable cutting edge AI use cases on smartphones & other consumer devices. You will learn about Qualcomm’s latest generation AI Engine, it’s heterogenous computing concept and a suite of Qualcomm AI software to harness AI acceleration. We’ll also go over Qualcomm’s rich and growing Platform Solutions Ecosystem and how our ecosystem strategy simplifies deployment of complex solutions and reduces time to market.

Session Speakers

Staff Product Manager, AI Ecosystem Partnerships
Qualcomm Technologies

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