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Jennifer Hobbs

Director of Machine Learning
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Jennifer Hobbs is the Director of Machine Learning at IntelinAir, an ag-tech startup using computer vision and machine learning to deliver intelligence and insights to the agriculture industry. Her team is responsible for the development and delivery of models which identify relevant patterns in the field and alerts users to them. She completed her PhD in Physics and Astronomy at Northwestern University. Throughout her career she has been involved in all phases of the machine learning lifecycle, transforming raw data into compelling technology products through data modeling and architecture, pipeline design and management, machine learning, and visualization.

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Conference Sessions

TWIMLfest  2020
Why is machine learning hard in the agricultural domain, how does addressing these challenges broaden our understanding of machine learning generally, and what challenges exist around adoption within the global agricultural community? This session will feature speakers from both academia and industry.
TWIMLfest  2020
This session aims to connect and advocate for physicists in data science. We will be discussing cutting-edge data science applications in physics research, data science education approaches in the physics curriculum, as well as how physicists with AI/ML experience can transfer their skill sets to careers in industry.