ML Innovation in Healthcare with Suchi Saria

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Today we’re joined by Suchi Saria, the founder and CEO of Bayesian Health, the John C. Malone associate professor of computer science, statistics and health policy and the director of the machine learning and healthcare lab at Johns Hopkins University.

Suchi shares a bit about her journey to working in the intersection of machine learning and healthcare, and how her research has spanned across both medical policy and discovery. We discuss why it has taken so long for machine learning to become accepted and adopted by the healthcare infrastructure and where exactly we stand in the adoption process, where there have been “pockets” of tangible success.

Finally, we explore the state of healthcare data, and of course, we talk about Suchi’s recently announced startup Bayesian Health and its goals in the healthcare space, and an accompanying study that looks at real-time ML inference in an EMR setting.

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