TWIML Online Meetup Community Guidelines

TWIML Online Meetup

The TWIML Online Meetup is a community dedicated to individual and shared growth and education in the field of machine learning and AI. The following Community Guidelines outlines our expectations of members of the community.

1. Acknowledge each others differences in backgrounds, skills, interests and values. Our primary goal is to learn from each other.
2. Respect others’ opinions even if they differ from your own. Challenge the idea, not the person.
3. Support your statements with evidence, properly cite the source you are quoting and provide rationale for your points.
4. Be mindful of how much space you are taking in the discussion. Allow others to express their opinions.
5. Strive to add value to every interaction.
6. Stick to English in the public Slack channels.

1. Attack or harass others. Abusive or illegal behavior will not be tolerated.
2. Copy and paste entire articles or web pages.
3. Present someone else’s work as your own.
4. Post comments that are off-topic or cross-post the same comment multiple times.
5. Post spam, commercial advertising, self-promotion and comments containing only a link to another website. This includes the discussion and private messages.