In this discussion group, we will focus on practical applications of LLMs (billion param generative models). The areas of discussion and sharing will include fine-tuning, hosting LLMs, prompting, and using task-specific models (BERT, etc) to support an LLM-centric approach, tools/plugins, agents, Langchain, LLM APIs, etc.

The group is for anyone with LLM experience or those that are just curious and focused on sharing experiences and learning new tools and techniques together.

Please note that this group is all about the weekly call and sharing our LLM work and news on this call. We will not do anything that requires work outside of the call unless we all agree to do something (e.g. participate in a hackathon).

The group meets every Friday at 8 am PST. If you are interested, just register thru the “Join us” button at and join the #generative-ai Slack channel for updates.