Live Viewing Party: Is Linguistics Missing from NLP Research?

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We are back with another interactive podcast viewing party on Monday, May 18th. This time I’ll be joined by Emily Bender, professor of linguistics at the University of Washington.

We’ll begin at 3 o’clock Pacific. Register for reminders and updates below and be sure to add it to your calendar. Additional details follow.

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Our recent interview explored the question of whether linguistics has been missing from NLP research. We dig into questions like would we be making more progress, on more solid foundations, if more linguists were involved in modern NLP, or is the progress we’re making (such as with deep learning models like Transformers) just fine?

We also explore issues like fairness, bias and ethics in NLP and more.

Emily and I will be in the chat answering all of your questions about the show, or anything else for that matter, and sharing our reflections on the interview.

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