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Today we’re joined by Mike del Balso, co-Founder and CEO of Tecton.

Mike, who you might remember from our last conversation on the podcast, was a foundational member of the Uber team that created their ML platform, Michelangelo. Since his departure from the company in 2018, he has been busy building up Tecton, and their enterprise feature store.

In our conversation, Mike walks us through why he chose to focus on the feature store aspects of the machine learning platform, the journey, personal and otherwise, to operationalizing machine learning, and the capabilities that more mature platforms teams tend to look for or need to build. We also explore the differences between standalone components and feature stores, if organizations are taking their existing databases and building feature stores with them, and what a dynamic, always available feature store looks like in deployment.

Finally, we explore what sets Tecton apart from other vendors in this space, including enterprise cloud providers who are throwing their hat in the ring.

Thanks to our Sponsor!

I’d like to send a shout-out to our friends at Tecton for their sponsorship of this episode of the podcast. Tecton provides an enterprise feature store that enables ML teams to build great features and get them to production quickly and reliably. Founded by the creators of the Uber Michelangelo platform, they’re applying their expertise to solving the data challenges of ML for every organization. The Tecton product integrates with your existing MLOps infrastructure to bring DevOps-like capabilities to the feature lifecycle. Tecton is delivered as a fully managed service in the cloud that lets you start building features quickly and easily.

We’ll also be hosting a webinar with Tecton on November 17th, focused on MLOps, feature stores, and open source. Visit twimlai.com/tecton to sign up.

Go to tecton.ai to sign up for their free trial or request a demo.

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