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Celebrating 500 Episodes of the TWIML AI Podcast!

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Hey everyone! I’m excited to share that show you’re listening to at this very moment is episode 500 of the TWIML AI Podcast! It’s been so amazing having the opportunity to explore, learn about, and chronicle the work of so many amazing people in machine learning and AI over the past five years, and it has been a true pleasure having so many of you along for the journey with me. The community that has formed around this show is a constant source of inspiration for me and the entire TWIML team.

This milestone has prompted me to reflect on the podcast and some of my favorite TWIML episodes, which you can find below.

While you’re there, I’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment with your own faves, what you’ve learned from the podcast, or how’ve you’ve been able to apply it to your own work. Everyone who leaves a comment gets a limited edition commemorative sticker, and ten lucky winners will get a limited edition 500th Episode T-Shirt.

  • Robb Beal

    Big congrats on the milestone, Sam!

    It makes me so happy to see at least 2 of your Top 5 involved HCI researchers.

    Here’s to 500 more filled with lots more from my HCI tribe and to you taking your business to ever new heights!

  • Eric Nguyen

    As a Master’s student in Data Science/ AI/ML, there are many times I’ve wondered if the program is worth it, and with how hard the classes are I think about this more than I would like to admit. But, listening to the podcast keeps me inspired and wanting to finish my program so I can one day contribute to the Industry.
    Episode 494 has been my favorite since I love motorsports. Episode 499 was very eye-opening to me and I think more people need to consider the aspect of Human-Machine Interaction and Human-Machine complementation instead of focusing on replacing the human component of many tasks.

  • Srinivas Raman

    Congratulations Sam on attaining the fabulous milestone of 500 episodes. I particularly enjoy the repeat interviews over time (with people) such as Jeremy Howard, Pieter Abbeel, and Timnit Gebru among others as those episodes provides a glimpse into their evolving interests as well as the movement of the field at large. Also appreciate the annual “trend podcasts” which have become a feature over the last few years. Looking forward to your continued success in broadening the reach of this exciting and evolving field.

    • sam

      Thank you Srinivas for your activity in the TWIML Community and help in that mission! Noted regarding repeat guests, we’ll try to bring you more of those!

  • Andri Kramer

    The first episode that I listened to was years ago, #4 with Charles Isbell. It was incredibly motivating and got me, a Software Engineer, hooked on Data Science, ML and AI. I enjoyed many of your interviews since then. I especially liked the ones with Jeff Dean, Jeremy Howard, Francisco Webber, Sebastian Ruder and the Keynote with Salman Khan. Thank you, Sam, for your hype-free, unspectacular, motivating or in just one word: professional interview/podcast style!

  • Nikil Ravi

    My favorite episode so far has been the one with Irene Chen- it gave me a lot of insight into ML in healthcare, and prompted me to start exploring this topic in more detail. As an undergraduate interested in learning more about AI, I’ve found all the episodes that I’ve listened to extremely interesting and helpful. Gettting to see the people working on AI, rather than just the code and the theory, has been amazing. Thank you for your wonderful work!

  • Hugh Brown

    I’ve loved the podcast. I’m still so new to ML that the biggest thing I’ve taken from it is an outline of the enormous number of sub fields that are open to me. I love learning new things and this show is brain candy to me. Thanks so much for all your work!

  • Rodney

    The Podcast is great, has been with me for a long time now, while training, cooking, etc. Interviews are always insightful. Plus there’s a good balance between technical episodes, others more focused on industry, and others more focused on academia.

    A few personal favorites that come to mind:

    “Machine Learning as a Software Engineering Discipline with Dillon Erb”, because of the analysis of Machine Learning as a software discipline.
    “What NLP Tells Us About COVID-19 and Mental Health with Johannes Eichstaedt”, a really interesting conversation
    “Disentangled Representations & Google Research Football with Olivier Bachem”, because of the concept of disentangled representations.

    Keep up the great work!

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