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“AI Platforms Month” continues on the podcast with our in-depth coverage of scaling machine learning in the enterprise. I’m super-excited about what we’ve done here, and I really hope you’re enjoying it!

If you’ve been following the series, you’ve already heard great interviews with folks from Facebook, Airbnb, and OpenAI. The back end of the month will bring additional perspectives on the topic from both Internet-first companies as well as traditional enterprises.

As I mentioned last time, we’re publishing a series of eBooks on AI Platforms. The first of these eBooks takes a bottoms-up look at AI platforms and is focused on the open source Kubernetes platform which is used to deliver scalable ML infrastructure at places like Airbnb,, and OpenAI. The second book in the series looks at scaling data science and ML engineering from the top down, exploring the internal platforms companies Airbnb, Facebook and Uber have built and what enterprises can learn from them.

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