Bits & Bytes – 11.15.18

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Bits & Bytes

  • AWS introduces Amazon SageMaker Object2Vec. Entity embeddings are a powerful technique gaining traction among many ML users. With its new Object2Vec algorithm, AWS aims to make creating them more accessible for SageMaker users. Object2Vec is a highly customizable multi-purpose algorithm that can learn low-dimensional dense embeddings of high dimensional objects.
  • Microsoft develops flexible AI system that can summarize the news. Summarization is a hard problem in NLP. Microsoft researchers have developed an AI framework that can reason relationships in “weakly structured” text, enabling it to outperform conventional models on a range of text summarization tasks.
  • Google launches AI Hub and Kubeflow Pipelines. AI Hub provides a private, secure destination where enterprises can upload and share ML resources within their own organizations as well as access Google-produced content such as including pipelines, Jupyter notebooks, and TensorFlow modules. To support this, Kubeflow Pipelines will provide a way to compose, package, deploy, and manage ML workflows for reuse.
  • The New York Times taps Google’s AI to manage old photos. Google Cloud has teamed up with The New York Times to digitize and manage over 7 million archived photos and will use ML to find new insights from the old photos.
  • OpenAI releases SpinningUp in Deep RL. For reinforcement learning fans and students in the community, this new educational resource from OpenAI provides a wealth of info and references to help users understand deep reinforcement learning. Would anyone be interested in a Deep RL course/study group based on this resource in early 2019?

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