TWIML Presents: AI For the Benefit of Society with Microsoft

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We’re excited to have partnered with Microsoft to bring you the AI for the Benefit of Society series. This series looks at how Microsoft is helping people solve some of society’s greatest challenges through its AI research efforts and AI for Good grant program. The six-episode series will highlight the company’s work in environmental sustainability, precision medicine, accessibility and life-saving humanitarian assistance, and explore some of the ways we can bring human-centered design and fairness to our practice of AI.

Thanks to our sponsor!

Thanks to Microsoft for their support and their sponsorship of this series. Microsoft is committed to ensuring the responsible development and use of AI and is empowering people around the world with intelligent technology to help solve previously intractable societal challenges spanning sustainability, accessibility and humanitarian action. Learn more at

TWIML Presents: AI for the Benefit of Society at Microsoft

TWIML Talk #226AI for Humanitarian ActionJustin Spelhaug, Microsoft

TWIML Talk #227AI for AccessibilityWendy Chisholm, Microsoft

TWIML Talk #228AI for EarthLucas Joppa, Microsoft

TWIML Talk #231AI in HealthcarePeter Lee, Microsoft Research

TWIML Talk #232Fairness in Machine LearningHanna Wallach, Microsoft Research

TWIML Talk #233Human-Centered DesignMira Lane, Microsoft

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