An AI-Powered Wingman for Pokémon Go, and Google’s Wide & Deep Learning Model—TWIML 2016/07/15

572 282 The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

This week’s show features a conversation about public datasets, an AI-powered Pokémon Go Wingman, a new deep learning app for your iPhone, Google research into Wide & Deep learning models, plus a whole lot more.

This week’s podcast is sponsored by Cloudera, organizers of the Wrangle Conference which is coming up in San Francisco on July 28th. Check out the event page for information on the great talks and speakers they’ve got planned, and if you decide to register, use the code “COMMUNITY” for 20% off!

Here are the notes for this week’s podcast:

A Conversation About Public Datasets

The Pokémon Go Bot





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  • Nick Vazquez

    Every time I listen to one of these podcasts I feel my brain brimming with new ideas or applications. Thank you so much for compiling such great resources on all of these topics and for creating great interviews that get to the heart of what’s going on at the cutting edge. I have a lot more to catch up on but love the podcast emensely!! Would love to hear an interview with someone using deep learning applied to physics. All in all, cant reccomend this podcast enough.

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