Advancing NLP with Project Debater w/ Noam Slonim

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Today we’re joined by Noam Slonim, the principal investigator of Project Debater at IBM Research.

In our conversation with Noam, we explore the history of Project Debater, the first AI system that can “debate” humans on complex topics. We also dig into the evolution of the project, which is the culmination of 7 years and over 50 research papers, and eventually becoming a Nature cover paper, “An Autonomous Debating System,” which details the system in its entirety.

Finally, Noam details many of the underlying capabilities of Debater, including the relationship between systems preparation and training, evidence detection, detecting the quality of arguments, narrative generation, the use of conventional NLP methods like entity linking, and much more.

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With the goal of catalyzing and driving the advancements that shape our world, IBM Research has been propelling innovation at IBM for over 75 years. Alongside Project Debater, IBM has developed many advanced natural language understanding, argument mining, and content summarization technologies, most of which are available today as software services for both academic and business use.

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