Happy 3rd Birthday TWIML!!!

800 800 The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

Today is a very special day! We’re celebrating the third (!!!) birthday of your favorite ML and AI podcast!

It’s been a truly amazing experience bringing you the podcast every week, and I’m more appreciative than ever of you, our listeners, and the amazing community we’ve built around the show. From the entire TWIML team, thank you and happy birthday!

With that said, we’d love to hear YOUR TWIML story! In our conversations with listeners over time, we’ve heard quite a few stories detailing what they’ve learned from the podcast, and how they’ve applied it to their own work, research, philosophy, and life. And now we want to hear from ALLLLLL of you! leave a comment below or leave a voicemail at 1-636-735-3658‬, letting us know your favorite tidbit that you’ve been able to take from the podcast, and how you’ve applied that to what you do. Everyone who joins in will be sent a limited edition 3rd birthday TWIML sticker, and the best submissions have a chance to be featured in an upcoming episode of the show.

  • Nicholas Teague

    Besides countless interviews with content of substance, I have TWIML to thank for convincing me to sign up for fast.ai, you guys have some great study groups. Thanks a bunch!

  • Peter Fogh

    Thanks for your podcasts, which in my opinion is one of the best on the topic of ML. Your interviews keep me up-to-date as you often report the diversity in the field of ML both from the academic and industrial point of view, which saves me from trawling through papers Arxiv.

  • Arne Sund

    TWIML is simply the best source of information about recent advances in AI and ML applied to real-world problems. The podcast format is perfect for catching up while commuting. Keep up the good work!

  • Brian Smith

    I’ve really enjoyed the Podcast series, and meeting you in Seattle Sam. You have that wonderful gift of asking the question I’m thinking I’d like asked – but also asking the questions that I’d have never thought of! Keep up the great work – and thanks too, to all the contributors over the last 3 years. My favourite? Tricky – but I’d have to say Randi Williams – with such an inspiring way of thinking of AI and including it in education of such young children. The Podcast is a wonderful way to keep up to date and to see into the future too.

  • Bryan Holman

    I bit the AI bug seemingly too late (three years into a Ph D program in another field) and with little time to dive in (two young, wonderful kids). TWIML talk has allowed me to keep up with the breathtaking pace of AI development so I can stay conversant with others. I’ve been a steady listener during these three years, and your podcast is the one I listen to the most during my commute. Sam, what you do is incredibly valuable for so many. Thank you for your hard work.

  • David

    Love the podcast guys. I’m a long term infosec guy and started to listen out of curiosity more than anything else. Through your podcast and a few books that interest is growing into something a bit more serious, and loving the journey. The guests you find are fascinating, and the show so well put together.

  • Eric Bohn

    I appreciate the insights into how companies are being built around AI, and what avenues to follow. I enjoyed your recent podcast with David Ferrucci for this purpose. Happy 3rd, and many more.

  • Emil Pedersen

    Thanks for all the great episodes! The podcast has been an essential source of new inspiration for the past few years. New TWIML episodes are always appreciated, and constantly ends up in the top of my podcast queue. I especially enjoy the AI Platforms series, which offers a great introduction to the current platform landscape.

  • Seppe De Loore

    Sam and TWIMLAI team, congratulations on this third birthday of the podcast. I have been a faithful listener for over a year and your episodes have inspired me to explore many new interesting areas of the fast pacing machine learning and AI world.
    For me the podcasts and accompanying notes pages are a treasure trove of information.
    Thank you for the great shows and I wish you many more birthdays. Keep up the fantastic work. You guys rock!

  • Rick Payne

    Happy Birthday. The podcasts have been a fantastic way to learn about machine learning and AI. The most impressive thing is how you draw out concrete examples and the realities of what is going on. The business examples at Home Depot, LinkedIn and many more are particularly helpful.

  • Björn Holzhauer

    TWIML Talk #122 “Predicting Cardiovascular Risk Factors from Eye Images” mentioned that predicting additional things (like HbA1c, blood pressure…) improved the performance on classifying images for diabetic retinopathy. Ever since listening to that episode that has become one of my go-to-techniques (other than always try transfer learning & data augmentation) for improving the performance of NN on any task and it has always helped at least a little.

  • Sandeep SINGH

    I cannot thank you enough for this podcast. My fast.ai journey would not have been same without TWIML podcast. I have applied all the Learnings to get 52nd rank in airbus ship detection challenge. Thank you.

  • Adam Taylor

    Happy birthday! Only recently discovered this podcast and fairly new to the field myself. Really great podcast and super interesting topics. I especially liked the discussion with Genevera Allen and the idea of training models on multiple train / test splits and looking for common features learnt by the model. A great idea and one I will certainly test out.
    Thank you!

  • Ron Stubbers

    The sheer breadth of discussions in TWIML&AI gives enough overview to see connections between work by people in widely disparate areas. The depth of each podcast and Sam’s great questions bring out enough of each area to enable an appreciation for the good work of the person being interviewed. I listen to every podcast.


    Thanks Sam and greater TWIML team.
    It has been really great listening to the episodes.

    Episodes guests that come to mind are: Rachel Thomas, Ewin Tang, Viviana Acquaviva, and of course the two episodes with Jeremy Howard.
    In fact, it was the episode with Rachel Thomas from fast.ai that made me jump into the field entirely.

    Thank you and Happy Birthday.

  • Nikola Kucerova

    Happy birthday! I started listening to TWIML waaay back in the day, before the format changed to interviews. It has always been a great source of info on what’s going on in the world of AI and ML. I didn’t have time to listen to any new episodes lately so i seriously need to get back to it 😀

  • Phil Lynch

    This podcast is easily one of the best ways to stay up to date with ML, DL, and everything related without having to attend a ton of conferences, read a ton of tech blogs, or dig through a ton of the latest research papers. Oh and I can do it while on my commute to work!

  • Jeffrey Daniels

    Sam Charrington is the Terry Gross of ML&AI! He consistently works incredibly hard and possesses a genius ability to ask insightful questions with a three-year, in-depth understanding of the ML&AI landscape. Well deserved congratulations Sam.

  • Jean-Francois Burguet

    Hi Sam

    Belated birthday, congratulations and thank you so very much for the great effort and high quality of all the episodes. You can be proud ! Wishing you and the team many more years of continuing success.

    Most cordially, from a passionate Belgian listener in Milan (Italy)


  • Frederik Gylling

    Happy birthday to TWIMLAI (Sam Charrington and team). My partner and I are frequent listeners and hobby commentators of this show. We meet each other from the fields of business / supply chain and electrical engineering. Every week interesting things and interesting people are deepening and broadening our knowledge and conversations around the possibilities and applications of technology. Personally, I thrive at the interface between business and technology and this podcast involves me in the application and edge of exciting technologies. What I most appreciate is the in-depth and practical lens that really distinguishes these conversations form high-level AI chats.

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