Happy 2nd Birthday!

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Hi everyone! We’re super excited to share the second anniversary of This Week in Machine Learning & AI with all of you. What a fun ride! With your help, we’ve hit a bunch of exciting milestones over the past year. With over 2 million plays and 1000s of likes and shares, we’re reaching and teaching more people than ever before about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

A few weeks ago, at the TWIML AI Summit, I spoke with a listener who shared some interesting ways that his business, a leading energy company, has directly benefited from what he’s learned on the podcast. It’s been incredibly exciting to hear stories like this from listeners.

To celebrate our anniversary, We’d really like to hear how the podcast has helped you at work, in school, or in life.

Please submit your comments below, or call our anniversary voicemail line at +1 636 735 3658 to leave a voice message with your story (leave your name/email too)!

We may be reaching out regarding including your story in a special podcast episode we’re planning celebrating the TWIML community.

  • Jeremy Loscheider

    Congrats on the 2-year- show. I listened with interest to the interview with Sarah Aerni. My organization recently started a Big Data & Analytics group and we’ve been trying to fit the group’s data science needs with our engineers’ focus on agile development. It’s a topic I’ve often sought but found little that is new or helpful. It’s really encouraging to hear such a good interview from a company I respect.

    I’m also delighted to see that this blog is based locally to us as well. Maybe we’ll see you at a meetup.

  • Uri Goren

    Thank you so much for your hard work, I listen to you every week.

    I usually don’t rush into implementing new concepts in my work, I tend to wait until I hear about something several times from several sources.

    However, when I heard about Jeff Dean’s tip on embedding categorical features with word2vec, things just clicked.

    I was able to implement this technique to represent various features in our model as dense vectors.

  • Nick

    We have been working to understand and apply for a couple years now. I start listening to the show in June of 2016. I went back and counted but we have sppoken with or done diligence on over 20 companies that were interviewed. This podcast has been a great reasource to understand what tese companies are actually doing beyond the marketing front page of their websites.

  • Kyle

    TWIML+AI has quickly become a regular part of my week and I look forward to new episodes. I’m reality new to the AI/ML/DL sphere and TWIM+AI has quickly made me feel a part of the community through the Slack channel and meet-ups and has helped me become more knowledgeable about my area of interest. I kind of feel like an insider now instead of just someone reading the headlines. I’m also very excited to be joining in on the Fast.AI study group.

  • Prasad S

    I never miss an episode from TwimAI. I am new to ML and the sheer amount of information I get on my commute, keeps me motivated to learn more in this space.

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