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As I’ve mentioned for the past few weeks, I was in San Francisco for Wrangle–a great conference, brought to you by our friends over at Cloudera. Wrangle is a super fun event. Each year it brings an interesting and diverse community of data scientists to an intimate and informal setting–this year the Chapel, a music venue in SF’s mission district–for great talks on real data science projects and issues, not to mention cowboy hats and BBQ! In this series you will hear from Drew Conway, Sharath Rao and Erin Shellman, 3 of the great speakers that presented talks at Wrangle. Each of the shows has its own show notes page, which you’ll find links to below. Of course, as always, we love your comments, feedback and suggestions, which you can leave below, or on the notes page for each specific show.

Thanks to our Sponsor

Thanks again to our sponsor for the Wrangle series, Cloudera. To learn more about Cloudera and the company’s Data Science Workbench family of products, visit them at And be sure to tweet to them at @cloudera to thank them for their support of the podcast.

Wrangle 2017 Podcast Series

Drew Conway Alluvium Interview

TWIML Talk #39Cognitive Biases in Data ScienceDrew Conway, Alluvium

Sharath Rao Instacart Interview

TWIML Talk #40Web Scale Engineering for Machine LearningSharath Rao, Instacart

The Power of Probabilistic Programming Podcast Image

TWIML Talk #41Data Pipelines at Zymergen with AirflowErin Shellman, Zymergen

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