Using AI to Map the Human Immune System with Jabran Zahid

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Today we’re joined by Jabran Zahid, a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research.

In our conversation with Jabran, we explore their recent endeavor into the complete mapping of which T-cells bind to which antigens through the Antigen Map Project. We discuss how Jabran’s background in astrophysics and cosmology has translated to his current work in immunology and biology, the origins of the antigen map, a walkthrough of the biological aspect of the project, and how the focus was changed by the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic.

We talk through the biological advancements, and the challenges of using machine learning in this setting, some of the more advanced ML techniques that they’ve tried that have not panned out (as of yet), the path forward for the antigen map to make a broader impact, and much more.

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  • Grace Richter

    I enjoyed this so much. I started out keypunching in 1953 and went on to programming several generations of computers until I retired in 1994.

    I really felt your excitement in exploring new fields. Maybe you’re close to finding new solutions to medical problems such as a shot to cure my old Lyme. Keep up the good work!


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