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This week on the podcast we’re featuring a series of conversations from the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. I had a great time at this event getting caught up on the latest and greatest machine learning and AI products and services announced by AWS and its partners. If you missed the news coming out of re:Invent and want to know more about what one of the biggest AI platform providers is up to, you’ll want to say tuned, because we’ll discuss many of their new offerings in this episode, a Roundtable discussion I held with Dave McCrory VP of Software Engineering at at GE Digital and Lawrence Chung, engagement lead at ThingLogix.

We cover all of AWS’ most important news, including the new SageMaker and DeepLens, their Rekognition and Transcription services, Alexa for Business, GreenGrass ML and more. This kind of discussion is something a little new for the show, and is a bit reminiscent of my days covering news here on the podcast, so I hope you enjoy it!

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Intel Nervana LogoI’d like to thank our good friends over at Intel Nervana for their sponsorship of this podcast and our re:Invent series. As you’ll hear, one of the big announcements from re:Invent is the release of Amazon DeepLens, a fully programmable, deep-learning enabled wireless video camera designed to help developers to learn and experiment with AI in the cloud and at the edge. DeepLens is powered by an Intel Atom X5 Processor, which delivers up to 100 gigaflops of processing power to onboard applications. To learn more about DeepLens and the other interesting things Intel has been up to in the AI space, check out

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The details of our next TWIML Online Meetup have been posted! On Wednesday, December 13th, at 3pm Pacific Time, we will be joined by Bruno Gonçalves, who will be presenting the paper “Understanding Deep Learning Requires Rethinking Generalization”. If you’re already registered for the meetup, you should have already received an invitation with all the details. If you still need to register for the meetup, head over to to do so. We hope to see you there!

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