The Limitations of Human-in-the-Loop AI with Dennis Mortensen

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We continue our NYU Future Labs AI Summit interview series with Dennis Mortensen, founder and CEO of, a company whose AI-based personal assistant Amy helps users with scheduling meetings. I caught up with Dennis backstage at the Future Labs event a few weeks ago, right before he went on stage to talk about “Investing in AI from the Startup POV.”

Dennis gave shares some great insight into building an AI-first company, not to mention his vision for the future of scheduling, something no one actually enjoys doing, and his thoughts on the future of human-AI interaction. This was a fun interview, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. A quick warning though… This might not be a show to listen to in the car with the kiddos, as this episode does contain a few expletives.

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This Future Labs AI Summit series is brought to you by our friends at the the NYU Future Labs AI Nexus Lab. Future Labs offer the businesses of tomorrow a network of innovation spaces and programs that support early stage startups in New York City. Acting in a venture catalyst role, they accept high potential companies and build on their success with an approach that emphasizes success rate, sustainability, revenue, and growth. We appreciate the continued support of the FutureLabs, and encourage you to check out some of the great stuff they are working on at

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  • Marc Meketon

    You have asked for feedback…

    I’ve been a fan from way before your interview series, and have listened to every TWIML&AI podcast. I struggle to keep up, and usually lag 2 or 3 weeks.

    What I most admire about your podcast is that you find highly interesting and relevant people to interview, and the questions you asked are often the ones that I would want to ask.

    My one criticism is that you fail to ask for examples that makes the talk more meaningful. When talking with the folks from Mt. Cleverest, ask them for examples of the types of questions their app might produce. Make this more real. Same applies to this interview, and other conversational apps. For, have a sample of a financial conversation their product would handle. Parse it out, and make us understand the jargon (e.g., was it “intents” that you kept mentioning?).

    We would get more out of the interviews if a part of it could be really explaining what the company does by asking for examples.

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