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Our guest this week is Yodit Stanton, a self-described Data Nerd, and the Founder & CEO of is a real-time data exchange for IoT, that enables anyone to publish and subscribe to real time open data in order to build higher order smart systems and better understand the world around them.

Our discussion focuses on Smart Buildings and how they’re enabled by IoT and machine learning techniques. We talk about the beginning of, which came out of her frustration of not being able to find real time air quality data. An attempt to assess her daughter’s asthma symptoms and finding less than adequate data on the subject, her company was born. We also cover some of the technology Yodit uses, and how she is integrating machine learning and AI into the framework.

About the Industrial AI Series

This show is part of our Industrial AI series. I’ve mentioned my interest in industrial applications of machine learning & AI a few times on the podcast. I’ve been doing some research in the area, and I’m very close to publishing a special report on the topic. If you’re interested in learning more about this project, the report, or the podcast series as a whole, check out our Industrial AI page.

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Bonsai LogoA big thank you to Bonsai, who is supporting my work in this area. I’ve been following them since their launch just over a year ago, and I’ve been impressed with their team and technology. If you’re building AI-powered applications to optimize and control enterprise systems, check them out at Please let them know you appreciate their support of the podcast.

I’m excited to announce a new sponsor this week, and that is and GE Digital. was among the first companies I began following in what I called the Machine Learning platforms space, back in 2012/2013. I’ve since interviewed co-founder Josh Bloom here on the show and mentioned the company’s subsequent acquisition by GE Digital. At GE Digital, the team is focused on creating technology and solutions to enable advanced capabilities for the Industrial Internet of things, making infrastructure more intelligent and advancing the industries critical to the world we live in. I want to give a hearty thanks and shout-out to the team at and GE Digital for supporting my Industrial AI research and this podcast series. Of course you can check them out at

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