Live from TWIMLcon! Use-Case Driven ML Platforms with Franziska Bell

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Today we’re joined by Franziska Bell, Ph.D., Director of Data Science Platforms at Uber.

Franziska joined Sam on stage at TWIMLcon last week to discuss all things platform at Uber. With the goal of providing cutting edge data science company-wide at the push of a button, Fran has developed a portfolio of platforms, ranging from forecasting to anomaly detection to conversational AI. Guided by strategic use cases, Fran’s team of data scientists works closely with product teams, marketing, customer service and the Michelangelo group (Uber’s ML Platform) at every stage to solve problems and build infrastructure to create the ultimate solution: self-service without the need for domain expertise. Delving into the evolving working relationship between her team and Michelangelo, Fran shares historical, current, and future projects, including the challenges and benefits that such a platform provides. In this episode, Fran also shares insight into Uber’s development methodology and how the data science team is organized from start to finish to create a culture of learning and expertise that results in fast results and reduced risk. With a team of code-writing data science experts, Fran is excited for the future of platforms at Uber – listen to hear more!

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