Live from TWIMLcon! Encoding Company Culture in Applied AI Systems

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In this episode, Sam is joined by Deepak Agarwal, VP of Engineering at LinkedIn, who graced the stage at TWIMLcon: AI Platforms for a keynote interview.

While LinkedIn has always been a data-first company, they have come a long way in their machine learning journey, and overcome many challenges and obstacles. Deepak shares his experiences, including the incredible impact that standardizing processes and tools have on a company’s culture and overall productivity levels, as well as insight into the best way to increase ML ROI and how to sell ML programs to the C-Suite (two things that often go hand in hand). Delving into life at LinkedIn, Deepak details his take on measuring experimental velocity and the Pro-ML initiative for delivering machine learning systems at scale, specifically looking at aligning improvement of tooling and infrastructure with the pace of innovation. Throughout the episode, Deepak outlines the evolution of ML systems, processes, and expectations for teams coming down the pipeline for productive ML programs everywhere – listen now!

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