Transforming Oil & Gas with AI with Adi Bhashyam and Daniel Jeavons

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Today we’re joined by return guest Daniel Jeavons, GM of Data Science at Shell, and Adi Bhashyam, GM of Data Science at C3, who we had the pleasure of speaking to at this years C3 Transform Conference.

When we last spoke, Dan was in the midst of bringing AI and data science to the forefront at Shell, and today he shares some of the progress he and his team have made to this point. Dan gives us an overview of their data platform, a breakdown of the users of the platform, and how those users informed the decision to use C3’s out-of-the-box platform solution instead of building their own internal platform. Adi gives us an overview of the evolution of C3 and their platform, along with some Shell-specific use cases.

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Big thanks to the folks at C3 for their sponsorship of this today’s show, which was recorded at their C3 Transform conference earlier this year. C3’s AI Suite helps enterprises rapidly develop, deploy and operate AI at scale, and offers adaptable AI-powered applications for predictive maintenance, fraud detection, customer engagement, and many more use cases. Take a look at what they’re up to at, and if you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to let them know on Twitter at @C3_AI and thank them for their support of the podcast!

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