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Today we’re joined by Matt Adereth, managing director of investments at Two Sigma, and return guest Scott Clark, co-founder and CEO of SigOpt.

In our conversation, Matt describes the end to end modeling platform at Two Sigma, including who the platform serves, challenges he’s faced with production and modeling, and how Two Sigma has attacked the experimentation challenge with their platform. Scott gives us a look into some of the broader issues that various customers face, the relationship between their optimization and infrastructure teams, and what motivates companies that aren’t already heavily invested in platforms, optimization or automation, to do so.

Join us at TWIMLcon: AI Platforms

Today we’re super excited to announce the launch of our inaugural conference: TWIMLcon: AI Platforms! TWIMLcon: AI Platforms will focus on the platforms, tools, technologies, and practices necessary to scale the delivery of machine learning and AI in the enterprise.

You already know TWIML for bringing you dynamic, practical conversations via the podcast, and we’re creating our TWIMLcon events to build on that tradition. The event will feature two full days of community-oriented discussions, live podcast interviews, and practical presentations by great presenters sharing concrete examples from their own experiences.

By creating a space where data science, machine learning, platform engineering, and MLOps practitioners and leaders can share, learn and connect, the event aspires to help seed the development of an informed, sustainable community of technologists that is well equipped to meet the current and future needs of their organizations.

Some of the topics we plan to cover include:

  • Overcoming the barriers to getting machine learning and deep learning models into production
  • How to apply MLOps and DevOps to your machine learning workflow
  • Experiences and lessons learned in delivering platform and infrastructure support for data management, experiment management, and model deployment
  • The latest approaches, platforms, and tools for accelerating and scaling the delivery of ML and DL in the enterprise
  • Platform deployment stories from leading companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and traditional enterprises like Comcast and Shell
  • Organizational and cultural best practices for success

The two-day event will be held on October 1st and 2nd at the Mission Bay conference center in San Francisco, and I’d really love to meet you there! Early bird registration is open today at and we are offering the first 10 listeners who register the amazing opportunity to get their ticket for 75% off using the discount code TWIMLFIRST!

Thanks to our Sponsor!

I’m really grateful to our friends over at SigOpt who stepped up to support this project in a big way. In addition to supporting our AI Platforms podcast series and next ebook, they’ve made a huge commitment to this community by signing on as the first Founding Sponsor for the event. SigOpt’s software is used by enterprise teams to standardize and scale machine learning experimentation and optimization across any combination of modeling frameworks, libraries, computing infrastructure and environment. Teams like Two Sigma rely on SigOpt’s software to realize better modeling results much faster than previously possible. Of course, to fully grasp its potential it is best to try it yourself. This is why SigOpt is offering you an exclusive opportunity to try their product on some of your toughest modeling problems for free. To learn about and take advantage of this offer, visit!

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