Librosa: Audio and Music Processing in Python with Brian McFee

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Today we continue our PyDataSci series joined by Brian McFee, assistant professor of music technology and data science at NYU, and creator of Librosa, a python package for music and audio analysis.

In our conversation, Brian walks us through his experience building Librosa, detailing the core functions provided in the library, and his experience working in Jupyter Notebook. We explore typical Librosa workflow, looking at which, if any, of the internal components directly performed learning tasks, and discuss trying to stay ahead of the curve by being an early adopter of various frameworks and applications.

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I’d like to send a huge thanks to our sponsor for this series, IBM. IBM has a long history of engaging in and supporting open source projects that are important to enterprise data science — projects like Hadoop, Spark, Jupyter, Kubernetes, and Kubeflow.

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