Intelligent Infrastructure Management with Pankaj Goyal & Rochna Dhand

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Today we kick off our AI conference NY series with Pankaj Goyal, VP for AI & HPC product management at HPE, and Rochna Dhand, director of product management for HPE InfoSight.

In our conversation, Pankaj gives a look into how HPE as a company views AI, from their customers, the landscape of the industry, to the future of AI at HPE through investment. Rocha details the role of HPE’s Infosight in deploying AI operations at an enterprise level, including a look at where it fits into the infrastructure for their current customer base, enabling the IT field through AI, the spectrum of models used for Infosight, along with a walkthrough of how InfoSight is deployed in a real-world use case.

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I’d like to send a huge thanks to our friends at HPE for sponsoring this week’s series of shows from the O’Reilly AI Conference in New York City! At the conference, and in my chat with them, HPE’s Pankaj Goyal and Rochna Dhand discuss how large companies can unlock the value of their data using AI and they detail the workings of HPE Infosight, which is the company’s cloud-based solution for helping IT organizations better manage and ensure the health of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. I’ve previously written about this category of AI-enabled operations management tools, which has come to be called AIOps. It’s a very interesting use case for AI and, as you’ll hear, HPE has an interesting story in this space. For more information on HPE InfoSight, visit

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