End-to-End Data Science to Drive Business Decisions at LinkedIn with Burcu Baran

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In this episode of our Strata Data conference series, we’re joined by Burcu Baran, Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn.

At Strata, Burcu, along with a few members of her team, delivered the presentation “Using the full spectrum of data science to drive business decisions,” which outlines how LinkedIn manages their entire machine learning production process. In our conversation, Burcu details each phase of the process, including problem formulation, monitoring features, A/B testing and more. We also discuss how her “horizontal” team works with other more “vertical” teams within LinkedIn, various challenges that arise when training and modeling such as data leakage and interpretability, best practices when trying to deal with data partitioning at scale, and of course, the need for a platform that reduces the manual pieces of this process, promoting efficiency.

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I want to send a quick thanks to our friends at Cloudera for their sponsorship of this series of podcasts from the Strata Data Conference, which they present along with O’Reilly Media. Cloudera’s long been a supporter of the podcast; in fact, they sponsored the very first episode of TWIML Talk, recorded back in 2016.

Since that time Cloudera has continued to invest in and build out its platform, which already securely hosts huge volumes of enterprise data, to provide enterprise customers with a modern environment for machine learning and analytics that works both in the cloud as well as the data center. In addition, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs provides research and expert guidance that helps enterprises understand the realities of building with AI technologies without needing to hire an in-house research team. To learn more about what the company is up to and how they can help, visit Cloudera’s Machine Learning resource center at cloudera.com/ml.

I’d also like to send a huge thanks to LinkedIn for their continued support and sponsorship of the show! Now that I’ve had a chance to interview several of the folks on LinkedIn’s Data Science and Engineering teams, it’s really put into context the complexity and scale of the problems that they get to work on in their efforts to create enhanced economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce. AI and ML are integral aspects of almost every product LinkedIn builds for its members and customers and their massive, highly structured dataset gives their data scientists and researchers the ability to conduct applied research to improve member experiences. To learn more about the work of LinkedIn Engineering, please visit engineering.linkedin.com/blog.

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