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In the first episode of the AI for the Benefit of Society series, we’re joined by Justin Spelhaug, General Manager of Technology for Social Impact at Microsoft.

In our conversation, Justin and I discuss the company’s efforts in AI for Humanitarian Action, a program which extends grants to fund AI-powered projects focused on disaster response, the needs of children, protecting refugees, and promoting respect for human rights. We cover Microsoft’s overall approach to technology for social impact, how his group helps mission-driven organizations best leverage technologies like AI, and how AI is being used at places like the World Bank, Operation Smile, and Mission Measurement to create greater impact. The transcript for this conversation is available here, compliments of Microsoft.

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I’d like to thank Microsoft for their support of the show, and their sponsorship of this series.  Microsoft is committed to ensuring the responsible development and use of AI and is empowering people around the world with this intelligent technology to help solve previously intractable societal challenges spanning sustainability, accessibility and humanitarian action. Learn more at

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