Teaching AI to Preschoolers with Randi Williams

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Today, in the first episode of our Black in AI series, we’re joined by Randi Williams, PhD student at the MIT Media Lab.

At the Black in AI workshop Randi presented her research on Popbots: A Early Childhood AI Curriculum, which is geared towards teaching preschoolers the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. In our conversation, we discuss the origins of the project, the three AI concepts that are taught in the program, and the goals that Randi hopes to accomplish with her work. This was a fun conversation!

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  • Brian Smith

    This has to be one of my favourite Podcasts in Twiml – thanks Sam and Randi. I’m sure the approach used for pre-schoolers has a much wider potential audience outside of education. The early understanding of machine learning may also help with future trust/bias issues when presented with suggestions from AI.

  • Tai Ding

    Thank you so much. Wish the Robot can be programmed by 2 years old. My brother was 3 years old. He plays the SONY Play Station much better than me. We play together all the time. I wish when I was 1-2 years old we can have awesome robot to program with every day. I want it like light wave forever be with me and evolve with me and pass on to my kids

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