AI Ethics, Strategic Decisioning and Game Theory with Osonde Osoba

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In this episode of our Deep Learning Indaba Series, we’re joined by Osonde Osoba, Engineer at RAND Corporation and Professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School.

Osonde and I spoke on the heels of the Indaba, where he presented on AI Ethics and Policy. We discuss his framework-based approach for evaluating ethical issues, such as applying the ethical principles laid out in the Belmont Report, and how to build an intuition for where ethical flashpoints may exist in these discussions. We then shift gears to Osonde’s own model development research and end up in a really interesting discussion about the application of machine learning to strategic decisions and game theory, including the use of fuzzy cognitive map models.

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  • Harry Cooney

    Mr Osoba seemed quite dismissive of the GDPR
    Given that he studies ethics I was disappointed that you didn’t ask for his professional view on the data driven business model that has led to the GDPR.


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