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In today’s episode we’re joined by Debajyoti Ray, Founder and CEO of RivetAI, a startup producing AI-powered tools for storytellers and filmmakers.

Rivet’s tools are inspired in part by the founders’ collaboration with the team that created Sunspring, a short, AI-written film starring Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch, which you may have seen when it was making the rounds a while back. Deb and I discuss some of what he’s learned in the journey to apply AI to content creation, including how Rivet approaches the use of machine learning to automate creative processes, the company’s use hierarchical LSTM models and autoencoders, and the tech stack that they’ve put in place to support the business.

TWIML Online Meetup Update!

Good news for those of you who missed the first round of our Fast AI Deep Learning for Coders study group! Sebastian Nguyen, who participated in the first study group, has stepped up to lead a second group through the Part I course. Next, if you missed the announcements via email and Twitter we recently launched a new online meetup group that’s more conveniently timed for folks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This group is being lead by Kai Lichtenberg who delivered a great presentation on Capsule Networks earlier this week. To join either of these groups, please sign up for the meetup at, and to catch the video recaps subscribe to our Youtube page.

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