Data Platforms for Decision Automation at Scotiabank with Jim Saleh

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In this show, part of our PegaWorld 18 series, I’m joined by Jim Saleh, Senior Director of process and decision automation at Scotiabank.

Jim is tasked with helping the bank transition from a world where customer interactions are based on historical analytics to one where they’re based on real-time decisioning and automation. In our conversation we discuss what’s required to deliver real-time decisioning, starting from the ground up with the data platform. In this vein we explore topics like data lakes, data warehouses, integration, and more, and the effort required to take advantage of these.

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I’d like to send a huge thanks to our friends at Pegasystems for hosting me at PegaWorld and sponsoring this series! One of the great announcements coming out of the conference was Pegasystems’ new self-optimizing, AI-powered marketing marketing capabilities. This is a really interesting offering, designed to reduce marketers’ dependence on traditional segment-based campaigns and transition them towards real-time, one-to-one customer engagement. These new capabilities will be available as a part of their new Pega Infinity platform, which was also announced at the event. For more info on Pega Infinity, head to!

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