Hyper-Personalizing the Customer Experience with AI w/ Rob Walker

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In this episode, I speak with Rob Walker, vice president of decision management and analytics at Pegasystems, a leading provider of software for customer engagement and operational excellence.

Rob and I discuss what’s required for enterprises to fully realize the vision of providing a hyper-personalized customer experience, and how machine learning and AI can be used to determine the next best action an organization should take to optimize sales, service, retention, and risk at every step in the customer relationship. Along the way we dig into a couple of key areas, specifically some of the techniques his organization uses to allow customers to manage the tradeoff between model performance and transparency, particularly in light of new laws like GDPR, and how all this ties to an enterprise’s ability to manage bias and ethical issues when deploying ML. We cover a lot of ground in this one and I think you’ll find Rob’s perspective really interesting.

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  • izzet agoren

    Loved the interview. Keen to learn more at the upcoming PegaWorld Summit in Vegas in person. Thanks Sam for putting Pega and Robs work on my radar.

    The link to Rob github repo points to someone else, who is just as interesting – just a heads up.

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