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The podcast you’re about to hear is the first of a series of shows recorded at the NYU Future Labs AI Summit last week in New York City. My guests this time around are James Villarrubia and Bernie Prat, CEO and COO respectively, of Mt. Cleverest, an online service for teachers and students, that can take any text via the web, and generate a quiz along with answers based on the content supplied.

To do this, Bernie and James employ a pretty sophisticated natural language understanding pipeline, which we discuss in this interview. We also touch on the challenges they face in generating correct question answers, how they fine tune their ML models to improve those answers over time, and more.

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This Future Labs AI Summit series is brought to you by our friends at the the NYU Future Labs AI Nexus Lab. Future Labs offer the businesses of tomorrow a network of innovation spaces and programs that support early stage startups in New York City. Acting in a venture catalyst role, they accept high potential companies and build on their success with an approach that emphasizes success rate, sustainability, revenue, and growth. We appreciate the continued support of the FutureLabs, and encourage you to check out some of the great stuff they are working on at

TWIML Online Meetup

The details of our next TWIML Online Meetup have been posted! On Tuesday, November 14th, at 3pm Pacific Time, we will be joined by Kevin Tee, who will be presenting his paper “Active Preference Learning for Personalized Portfolio Construction”. If you’re already registered for the meetup, you should have already received an invitation with all the details. If you still need to register for the meetup, head over to to do so. We hope to see you there!

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