Modeling Human Drivers for Autonomous Driving with Katie Driggs-Campbell

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We are back with our third show this week, episode 3 of our Autonomous Vehicles Series. My guest this time is Katie Driggs-Campbell, PostDoc in the Intelligent Systems Lab at Stanford University’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Katie joins us to discuss her research into human behavioral modeling and control systems for self-driving vehicles. Katie also gives us some insight into her process for collecting training data, how social nuances come into play for self-driving cars, and more.

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Mighty AI LogoOur autonomous vehicles series is sponsored by Mighty AI, and I’d like to take a moment now to thank them for their support. Mighty AI delivers training and validation data to companies building computer vision models for autonomous vehicles. Their platform combines guaranteed accuracy with scale and expertise, thanks to their full stack of annotation software, consulting and managed services, proprietary machine learning, and global community of pre-qualified annotators. If you haven’t caught my interview with their CEO Daryn Nakhuda in the last show, TWIML Talk #57, please make sure to check it out. And of course, be sure to visit them at to learn more, and follow them at @mighty_ai.

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If you will be in New York City next week, we hope you’ll join us at the NYU Future Labs AI Summit. As you may remember, we attended the inaugural Summit back in April, had a great time, and shared some great interviews, which we’ll link to in the show notes for your listening pleasure. This year’s event features more great speakers, including Corinna Cortes, Head of Research at Google NY, Davide Venturelli, Science Operations Manager at NASA Ames Quantum AI Lab, and Dennis Mortensen, CEO & Founder of startup For the event homepage visit, and for 25% off of tickets, use code TWIML25. You can find links to this and more great events on our new events page at

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    I very much enjoyed this talk. I’m impressed by your ability to discover key points in a talk and ask for more elaboration.
    I’m gonna start listening to your previous episodes.

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