Data Pipelines at Zymergen with Airflow with Erin Shellman

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The show about to listen to features my interview with Erin Shellman. Erin is a statistician and data science manager with Zymergen, a company using robots and machine learning to engineer better microbes. If you’re wondering what exactly that means, I was too, and we talk about it in the interview.

Our conversation focuses on Zymergen’s use of Apache Airflow, an open-source data management platform originating at Airbnb, that Erin and her team uses to create reliable, repeatable data pipelines for its machine learning applications.

A quick note before we dive in: As is the case with my other field recordings, there’s a bit of unavoidable background noise in this interview. Sorry about that!

About the Wrangle Series

This show is part of our Wrangle Conference series. As I’ve mentioned for the past few weeks, I was in San Francisco for Wrangle–a great conference, brought to you by our friends over at Cloudera. Wrangle is a super fun event. Each year it brings an interesting and diverse community of data scientists to an intimate and informal setting–this year a music venue in SF’s mission district–for great talks on real data science projects and issues, not to mention cowboy hats and BBQ! In this series you will hear from Drew Conway, Sharath Rao and Erin Shellman, 3 of the great speakers that presented talks at Wrangle. Thanks again to our sponsor for the Wrangle Conf series, Cloudera. To learn more about Cloudera and the company’s Data Science Workbench family of products, visit them at And be sure to tweet to them at @cloudera to thank them for their support of the podcast.

Contest Update

First, I’d like to take a second to give a virtual high-five everyone who entered our latest giveaway, in which two lucky listeners will get a chance to attend the recently re-branded “AI Conference” in San Francisco compliments of This Week in Machine Learning & AI, and our friends over at O’Reilly. This has been our most active giveaway to date, with over 100 of you submitting entries. Just wow! Winners will be posted over at, and I’ll give them a proper announcement on next week’s show! Also, if you weren’t one of the lucky winners, but are still interested in attending The AI Conference, register using the code PCTWIML for 20% off registration! Links to the conference can be found below!

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