Naveen Rao & Hanlin Tang – Intel Nervana Update + Productizing AI Research

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I talked about Intel’s acquisition of Nervana Systems on the podcast when it happened almost a year ago, so I was super excited to have an opportunity to sit down with Nervana co-founder Naveen Rao, who now leads Intel’s newly formed AI Products Group, for the first show in our O’Reilly AI series. We talked about how Intel plans to extend its leadership position in general purpose compute into the AI realm by delivering silicon designed specifically for AI, end-to-end solutions including the cloud, enterprise data center, and the edge; and tools that let customers quickly productize and scale AI-based solutions.

I also spoke with Hanlin Tang, an algorithms engineer at Intel’s AIPG, about two tools announced at the conference: version 2.0 of Intel Nervana’s deep learning framework Neon, and Nervana Graph, a new toolset for expressing and running deep learning applications as framework and hardware-independent computational graphs. Nervana Graph in particular sounds like a very interesting project, not to mention a smart move for Intel, and I’d encourage folks to take a look at their Github repo.

One of the things announced at the conference is that Intel and O’Reilly will be partnering on the AI Conference going forward, starting with the San Francisco event in September. To celebrate this, we’re going to start our AI Conference ticket giveaway (courtesy of O’Reilly), and run it through August 4th. To enter, visit the giveaway page.

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Intel Nervana LogoA big thank you to Intel Nervana, who is supporting this podcast series. I’m very grateful to them for helping make this series possible, and I’m excited about the cool stuff they launched at the O’Reilly AI conference, including the Neon framework and Nervana Graph announcements. Be sure to check them out at, and let them know via Twitter @IntelNervana how much you appreciate their support of the podcast.

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  • Nick O

    Hi Sam –

    Long time listener. I love the show it is definitely one of the best methods I have found to learn and understand about all the interesting work in this space. I have especially enjoyed the Industrial AI series and the conference interviews. I have to say that my three favorite interviews have been with,, and Clarfai.

    Please sign me up for the next O’Reilly competition #twimlaiSF and keep up the good work.

    Outside of the O’Reilly conferences are there any others you would suggest?


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