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This week I’ve invited my friend Ben Lorica onto the show. Ben is Chief Data Scientist for O’Reilly Media, and Program Director of Strata Data & the O’Reilly A.I. conferences. Ben has worked on analytics and machine learning in the finance and retail industries, and serves as an advisor for nearly a dozen startups.

In his role at O’Reilly he’s responsible for the content for 7 major conferences around the world each year. In the show we discuss all of that, touching on how publishers can take advantage of machine learning and data mining, how the role of “data scientist” is evolving and the emergence of the machine learning engineer, and a few of the hot technologies, trends and companies that he’s seeing arise around the world.

You all have come out in droves over the past couple of weeks to shower the pod with love and for that we are humbled and forever grateful. Overall we received nearly 100 entries via our website and iTunes, from listeners from 16 countries. Your stories have been awesome, and we’re most proud that we could help light that AI fire for you every week. Of course, everyone who entered will receive a couple of TWIML & AI stickers–one for you and one for a friend. Those will be on their way soon.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for! We have our winners for the 1st Anniversary Listener Appreciation Contest! Just as a reminder, our grand prize winner receives a bronze pass for the O’Reilly AI conference at the end of this month. Second prize will win a Google Home. 

Our second prize winner is Ankur Patel!! He wrote in on the show notes page with this:

Thanks, Ankur for being a loyal listener, and we’ll be in touch with you about that Google Home!
And now our grand prize winner is Mason Grimshaw!! Mason also wrote in via the show notes page. He said:

Mason, We hope to see you in NY in a few weeks! Congratulations and thank you for being a loyal listener!

Although there can only be one 1st prize winner, we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to attend the O’Reilly AI conference. With the code PCTWIML, all of our listeners will get 20% off of registration fees when purchasing passes for the conference. For registration information, visit the event page!

Please let us know if you’re planning to attend the event. We’re looking forward to seeing some TWIML listeners at the conference!

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  • Yonk Shi

    My favorite quote is when ben mentioned about specialized AI vs general AI:
    “We’ll increasing see more companies specialize in verticalized AI, while we read a lot about [AGI] but VCs are more focused on specialized data”

    I think this a really good insight from someone in the industry. I am a Masters student in AI, and sometimes the technicalities of acadamia overwhelms my perspective in the industry.

    It’s romantic to chase after AGI but in the near future, specialized ML techniques will be more practical

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