TWIML Presents: CVPR 2021

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I’d like to send a huge thank you to our friends at Qualcomm Technologies for their continued support of the podcast, and their sponsorship of this series of podcasts from the CVPR conference! Qualcomm AI Research is dedicated to advancing AI to make its core capabilities — perception, reasoning, and action — ubiquitous across devices. Their work makes it possible for billions of users around the world to have AI-enhanced experiences on devices powered by Qualcomm Technologies. To learn more about what Qualcomm Technologies is up to on the research front, visit

TWIML Presents: CVPR 2021

#497Deep Unsupervised Learning for Climate InformaticsClaire Monteleoni, University of Colorado, Boulder

#498Vector Quantization for NN CompressionJulieta Martinez, Waabi

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