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Supporting TensorFlow at Airbnb with Alfredo Luque
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

This interview features my conversation with Alfredo Luque, a software engineer on the machine infrastructure team at Airbnb. … Read the rest

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TensorFlow Edge Kit Giveaway!
150 150 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

In conjunction with the TensorFlow 2.0 alpha release, and our TensorFlow Dev Summit series, we invite you to enter our TensorFlow Edge Kit Giveaway. Winners will receive a gift box…

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TWiML Presents: TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

A few weeks ago I had a chance to attend the TensorFlow Developer Summit on the Google Cloud campus in Sunnyvale, California.… Read the rest

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Google announces TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha and more from TWiML & AI
1024 684 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Bits & Bytes Google announces TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha, TensorFlow Federated, TensorFlow Privacy. At the 3rd annual TensorFlow Developer Summit, Google announced the first alpha release of TensorFlow 2.0 and several other…

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Pytorch vs Tensorflow - Interest over time
Thoughts on PyTorch and the Growing PyTorch Ecosystem
985 275 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Last week Facebook convened their inaugural PyTorch Developer Conference. Highlights of the conference included the release of PyTorch 1.0 beta and a host of ecosystem vendors announcing their support for the…

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Systems and Software for Machine Learning at Scale with Jeff Dean
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

In this episode I’m joined by Jeff Dean, Google Senior Fellow and head of the company’s deep learning research team Google Brain, who I had a chance to sit down…

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Pytorch: Fast Differentiable Dynamic Graphs in Python with Soumith Chintala
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

This week, we’ll be featuring a series of shows recorded from Strange Loop, a great developer-focused conference that takes place every year right in my backyard! The conference is a…

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Another Huge ML Acquisition, AI in the Olympics + Win a Free Ticket to the O’Reilly AI Conference—TWiML 2016/08/12
620 465 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
This week we discuss Intel’s latest deep learning acquisition, AI in the Olympics, image completion with deep learning in TensorFlow, and how you can win a free ticket to the O’Reilly AI Conference in New York City, plus a bunch more
Apple Acquires ML Startup Turi, the DARPA Hacker-Bot Challenge, and’s Autonomous Driving Dataset—TWiML 2016/08/05
1024 683 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Apple’s acquisition of machine learning startup Turi, DARPA’s autonomous hacker-bot challenge, and’s self-driving car dataset. Plus, of course, tons more
Machine Learning for Datacenter Optimization, a ‘Crazy’ New GPU from NVIDIA & Faster RNN Training–TWiML 2016/07/22
991 523 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

This week’s show covers Google’s use of machine learning to cut datacenter power consumption, NVIDIA’s new ‘crazy, reckless’ GPU, and a new Layer Normalization technique that promises to reduce the…

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