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O’Really? – O’Reilly AI Series and more TWiML News
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

As you may have heard on the podcast, I’m trying the newsletter thing again. I’m not sure what it’ll evolve into, but my goals are to make it personal, informative…

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Rana el Kaliouby – Enhancing Customer Experiences with Emotional AI
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
My guest for this show is Rana el Kaliouby. Rana is co-founder and CEO of Affectiva. Affectiva, as Rana puts it, "is on a mission to humanize technology by bringing in artificial emotional intelligence". My conversation with Rana focuses on how her company is bringing Artificial Emotional Intelligence services to market. read more
Robotic Perception and Control with Chelsea Finn
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Our third guest in the Industrial AI series is Chelsea Finn,  PhD student at UC Berkeley. Despite being early in her career, Chelsea is an accomplished researcher with more than 14 published papers in the past 2 years, on subjects like Deep Visual Foresight , Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning and Visuomotor Learning to name a few. We discuss all of these topics in the show, as well as subjects like zero-shot, one-shot and few-shot more
Reinforcement Learning Deep Dive with Pieter Abbeel
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Our second guest in the Industrial AI series is Pieter Abbeel, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, Research Scientist at OpenAI, and Cofounder of Gradescope. During this conversation, Pieter and I really dig into reinforcement learning, which is a technique for allowing robots (or AIs) to learn through their own trial and error. read more
Intelligent Autonomous Robots with Ilia Baranov
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Our first guest in the Industrial AI series is Ilia Baranov, engineering manager at Clearpath Robotics. Ilia’s responsible for setting the engineering direction for all of Clearpath’s research platforms. In our conversation we cover a lot of ground, including what it really means to field autonomous robots, the use of autonomous robots in research and industrial environments, the different approaches and challenges to achieving autonomy, and much more!read more