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Scaling Deep Learning: Systems Challenges & More with Shubho Sengupta
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
This week my guest is Shubho Sengupta, Research Scientist at Baidu. Shubho and I discuss how to scale deep learning, and we dig into various systems challenges including architecture, productionalization and more
Understanding Deep Neural Networks with Dr. James McCaffrey
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
My guest this week is Dr. James McCaffrey, research engineer with Microsoft Research. In this show James and I discuss the ins and outs of deep neural more
Machine Learning for Datacenter Optimization, a ‘Crazy’ New GPU from NVIDIA & Faster RNN Training–TWiML 2016/07/22
991 523 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

This week’s show covers Google’s use of machine learning to cut datacenter power consumption, NVIDIA’s new ‘crazy, reckless’ GPU, and a new Layer Normalization technique that promises to reduce the…

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