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AI in the Cloud at re:Invent
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The latest on the scene is this newsletter fourteen!   Dispatch from the cloud frontier A couple of newsletters ago, I shared a few thoughts on AI and the cloud, and…

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Marrying Physics-Based and Data Driven ML Models with Josh Bloom
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This week we catch up with friend of the show, and first return guest, Josh Bloom, vice president of data & analytics at GE Digital. We catch up with Josh on his journey within GE and the work his team is doing around Industrial more
Cognitive Biases in Data Science with Drew Conway
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This show features my interview with Drew Conway, Founder and CEO of Alluvium. The focus of our interview, and of Drew’s presentation, is an interesting set of observations he makes about the role of cognitive biases in data more
Data Pipelines at Zymergen with Airflow with Erin Shellman
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This show, TWiML Talk 41, features my interview with Erin Shellman, a statistician and data science manager with Zymergen, a company using robots and machine learning to engineer better microbes. read more
Web Scale Engineering for Machine Learning with Sharath Rao
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The show you’re about to listen to features my interview with Sharath Rao, Tech Lead Manager & Machine Learning Engineer at Instacart. My conversation with him digs into some of the practical lessons and patterns he’s learned by building production-ready, web-scale data products based on machine learning more
Deep Learning for Warehouse Operations with Calvin Seward
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This week we continue our Industrial AI series with Calvin Seward, Research Scientist with Zalando in Berlin, Germany. We focus on how Calvin’s team tackled an interesting warehouse optimization problem using deep learning. Calvin also gives his thoughts on the distinction between AI and ML, and the four P’s that he focuses on: Prestige, Products, Paper, and more
Machine Learning for Datacenter Optimization, a ‘Crazy’ New GPU from NVIDIA & Faster RNN Training–TWiML 2016/07/22
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This week’s show covers Google’s use of machine learning to cut datacenter power consumption, NVIDIA’s new ‘crazy, reckless’ GPU, and a new Layer Normalization technique that promises to reduce the…

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