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Half A Million Thank Yous!
600 200 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

What a great time to be alive, reading newsletter number five!   Half a million thank-yous Here at TWiML HQ we’re keeping an eye on our Soundcloud stats as we…

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To 2025 and Back
877 216 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

You asked for more, here’s newsletter four!   To 2025 and back What is AI and what role will it play in society in 2025? This was the question that my…

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Supersize for What!
1024 768 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Yippee, newsletter number three! Wrangling with ethical AI Last week I spent a day at the Wrangle Conference in San Francisco, guest of the team at Cloudera who organizes the…

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Comings and Goings
578 371 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Hi everyone! Woohoo, newsletter number two! Comings and Goings July’s been a busy month. Last week I was in NYC for the launch of Intel’s Xeon Scalable platform. It probably…

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O’Really? – O’Reilly AI Series and more TWiML News
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

As you may have heard on the podcast, I’m trying the newsletter thing again. I’m not sure what it’ll evolve into, but my goals are to make it personal, informative…

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TWiML Newsletter #1
1024 1024 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Good morning, First off, thanks everyone for your interest in the podcast. If you haven’t listened to the latest show, it’s a bit different than the previous ones. It’s the…

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