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Agile Machine Learning at Walmart with Jennifer Prendki
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
My guest this week is Jennifer Prendki, former senior data science manager and principal data scientist at Walmart Labs, since moved on to become head of data science at Atlassian. We focus on some of the practices she helped develop and implement at Walmart around the measurement and management of and more generally, building agile processes and teams for, machine learning. read more
Naveen Rao & Hanlin Tang – Intel Nervana Update + Productizing AI Research
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
I was super excited to have an opportunity to sit down with Nervana co-founder Naveen Rao, who now leads Intel’s newly formed AI Products Group, and Hanlin Tang, an algorithms engineer at Intel’s AIPG, about two tools announced at the conference: version 2.0 of Intel Nervana’s deep learning framework Neon and the Nervana Graph. read more
Doug Eck – Expressive AI-Generated Music with Google’s Performance RNN
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
My guest for this second show in our O'Reilly AI series is Doug Eck of Google Brain. Doug did a keynote at the O’Reilly conference on Magenta, Google’s project for melding machine learning and the arts. Magenta's goal is to produce open-source tools and models that help people in their personal creative processes. We talk about the newly announced Performance RNN project, which uses neural networks to create expressive, AI-generated music. read more
Ben Vigoda – The Power of Probabilistic Programming
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
My guest for this third episode in the O'Reilly AI series is Ben Vigoda. Ben is the founder and CEO of Gamalon, a DARPA-funded startup working on Bayesian Program Synthesis. We dive into what exactly this means and how it enables what Ben calls idea learning in the more
Rana el Kaliouby – Enhancing Customer Experiences with Emotional AI
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
My guest for this show is Rana el Kaliouby. Rana is co-founder and CEO of Affectiva. Affectiva, as Rana puts it, "is on a mission to humanize technology by bringing in artificial emotional intelligence". My conversation with Rana focuses on how her company is bringing Artificial Emotional Intelligence services to market. read more
Reza Zadeh – Video Object Detection at Scale
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
My guest for the fourth show in the O'Reilly AI Series is Reza Zadeh. Reza is an adjunct professor of computational mathematics at Stanford University and founder and CEO of the startup Matroid. Our conversation focused on some of the challenges and approaches to scaling deep learning, both in general and in the context of his company’s video object detection more
Natural Language Understanding for Amazon Alexa with Zornitsa Kozareva
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Our guest this week is Zornitsa Kozareva, Manager of Machine Learning with Amazon Web Services Deep Learning, where she is leading a group focused on natural language processing and dialogue systems for products like Amazon Alexa and Amazon Lex, the latter of which we discuss in the podcast. We also spend time talking through the architecture of modern Natural Language Understanding systems, including the role of deep learning, and some of the various ways folks are working to overcome the challenges in this field, such as understanding human intent. read more
Robotic Perception and Control with Chelsea Finn
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Our third guest in the Industrial AI series is Chelsea Finn,  PhD student at UC Berkeley. Despite being early in her career, Chelsea is an accomplished researcher with more than 14 published papers in the past 2 years, on subjects like Deep Visual Foresight , Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning and Visuomotor Learning to name a few. We discuss all of these topics in the show, as well as subjects like zero-shot, one-shot and few-shot more
Reinforcement Learning Deep Dive with Pieter Abbeel
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Our second guest in the Industrial AI series is Pieter Abbeel, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, Research Scientist at OpenAI, and Cofounder of Gradescope. During this conversation, Pieter and I really dig into reinforcement learning, which is a technique for allowing robots (or AIs) to learn through their own trial and error. read more
Intelligent Autonomous Robots with Ilia Baranov
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Our first guest in the Industrial AI series is Ilia Baranov, engineering manager at Clearpath Robotics. Ilia’s responsible for setting the engineering direction for all of Clearpath’s research platforms. In our conversation we cover a lot of ground, including what it really means to field autonomous robots, the use of autonomous robots in research and industrial environments, the different approaches and challenges to achieving autonomy, and much more!read more
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